Ros Rixon studied her final degree year at the University of the West of England (2006).

STATEMENT: I never set out to be a book artist it just happened.  I beganworking with text and books at University while trying to get to grips with 'the meaning of art'.  The more I read the more I questioned my own thoughts and ideas until I stopped creating.  The books began to take over my workspace and the owrds began to take over my walls.  In the midst of reseach I suddenly found the information around me was evolving into the art.  There were times when I wished I could just create something purely for creativity alone, but the words  had taken hold.

Books have an extraordinary hold on people; to many the very thought of taking a scalpel to the pages is abhorrent.  Books are revered, but why? Is it for the book-form itself as it sits on ab bookshelf or is it for the words within?  If all the sentences are removed, the book form becomes an empty skeletal shell.  However, if all the sentences are reformed back into their original sequence are they given any more or less reverence from their previous form?

To a certain extent with the speheres, but more so with the 'In Line of Vision' series, the reformed words and sentences flow on and on with no pages to turn and nothing more than the punctuation to slow their course.  It sometimes feels as if they have been unleashed.

Words are an integral part of my work but ar generally related to the theory of art itself.  My latest work is a venture away and based around the sonnets and poems of Elizabeth Barrett Browning and her relationship with Robert Browning. 

The case 'Life In A Love' is a combination of Elizabeth's sonnet 14 'If Thou Must Love Me' and Robert Browning's poem 'Life In A Love'.  White her voices her doubts on forming a relationship, wanting only to be loved for loves sake; he feels that his love for her will once more be rejected but he will bever give up.

For the second case I have used sonnet 43 'How Do I Love Thee'.  Her doubts have gone and her love is expressed through every sense and to every level, repeating over and over again the words 'I Love Thee?'

Ros Rixon will undertake commissions, please call the Gallery on 0207 738 0838